I love contests!

And there’s nothing better than a contest for a GREAT product!  I’ve been carrying a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag for a little over a year now and I love the beauty and functionality of these bags!  If you haven’t yet seen them, go to http://www.petunia.com/ and check them out!
There’s a great contest running right now by The Fashionable Housewife where you can win one of their beautiful Cross Town clutches!

Head on over to this link to enter:

Good luck!


I thought we left him at the allergist’s office this morning…

We came home, Ian had lunch, I warmed his milk for his nap, then went looking for blue bear.  He was nowhere to be found, so I called the allergist’s office and had them look in their exam rooms, tore the living room apart and dug through my car looking for the dumb bear, and decided I’d try to put him down to sleep with a backup bear (which he has YET to show ANY interest in).  He would rub the backup bear on his face (as if looking at it and seeing the newness of the backup didn’t give it away), throw it on the floor and retreat back to his crib, digging through his animals, only to find another backup bear when he thought he had found the real thing.  It was so sad, and he was so disappointed.

I turned his sound machine off and we came back downstairs to search again and I called the allergist’s office a second time to ask them to please look in their exam room again to see if it was there.  No luck.  I sat at the table and cried, mainly because I wanted to save that stupid bear with his baby book eventually.  I prayed for God to please show me where the bear was, and I immediately thought of the oven drawer.  Opened the drawer, and there was blue bear in all his destroyed, worn, faceless glory.  Ian went nuts when he saw him and rubbed bear’s “face” all over his own face.  It was so precious and I was never so grateful for that shredded little bear.

Now, he’s down for a nap.  I really thought I’d die if I’d lost blue bear.

There’s our drama for the day.

Ian and blue bear

Ian and blue bear

New Page for Us!

So, we’ve (Melanie) decided that the spaces blog was a pain to manage and that this would be a little easier for everyone to keep up with what’s going on with us in chronological order, versus the random order that spaces would put everything in. 

Lots has happened since my last post on our old blog, which was when???  Oh, about 6 MONTHS ago!!!  Yikes.  I’m really sorry and feel like a slacker, especially since we live away from our entire family.  I’m hoping to make an entry at least once a week, so if I slack off, feel free to send me a harassing email to pick up the pace!

Ian is growing leaps and bounds and is a busy little guy.  He’s ALL boy and would live outside if we’d let him.  Once Kevin gets home in the evenings, he’s finished with me and is ready to play with Dad.  By they way, Dad is the only word that he will say on demand.  What’s that about?  He knows exactly what we’re saying and responds well to our requests (other than when we tell him NOT to do something, and then he suddenly is clueless), but has yet to verbalize his own feelings. 

I will work on getting more pictures posted today!  I’m still getting used to wordpress, so hopefully, I’ll get the hang of it quickly.